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A Specialist Services Company - International

Commited multi skilled workforce, who are qualified industrial climbers (Rope access technicians or abseliers), Reliable, Reputed and Branded Equipment and Machineries, Subject matter expertise technical support along with professional management; secret of success.

About Us

About us

SubDivo – When the Job Requires Specialists…We are a Specialist Services Company, undertake Inspection, Repair, Maintenance, Refurbishment & Engineering Services, which has challenges due to difficult to access or time constraints. Delivers turn-key projects that can be deployed with customised access methodologies, part of multi-disciplinary access solutions. Such as;

  • Rope Access Systems
  • Web Net – Tension Netting Systems
  • Web Deck – Suspended Work Platform Systems
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Rope Access Services

Access Solutions

Rope Access Projects

WEB Net; Tensioned Netting System / Work Positioning Netting

WEB Deck; Suspended Deck Systems

Design & Installation

Access Strategy for High Rise Building, Plants, etc.

Anchor installation

Design & Installation of Permanent Access

Design & Installation of Rescue or Evacuation systems

Inspection Services

Conventional Non-Destructive Testing Methods

UT – Ultrasonic Testing

MT - Magnetic Particle Testing

PT - Liquid Penetrant Testing

VT - Visual Testing

ET - Electromagnetic Testing

Specialised Non-Destructive Testing Methods

ACFM – Alternating Current Field Measurement

AUT – Automated Ultrasonic Testing

PAUT - Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing

ToFD - Time-of-flight Diffraction Method

LRUT – Long Range Ultrasonic Testing

MFL – Magnetic Flux Leakage Inspection

Structural Integrity Inspection - SII

D. API 580 RBI - Risk Based Inspection / Reliance Based Inspection of Plants

API 653 Tank Inspection Services

Verticality survey / Slope Survey

Anode Inspection / CP Condition Survey

Drop Object Survey

API 4G / LOLER Inspection

LGI – Lifting Gear Inspection

Maintenance & Repairs

Coating Refurbishment Services

Wet Abrasive Blasting (WAB) System / Dust & Spark Free Blasting Services

Dry Grit / Garnet / Copper-Slag Blasting / Surface Preparation & Repair

Conventional and Airless Spray Painting Services

UHP WJ / Ultra High-Pressure Water Jetting Services

Manual Prep. to St2 or St3 Standards

Civil / Infra Structure / Decorative Painting Services

Miscellaneous Services

Flare Stack, Chimney, Radio Towers & Masts

Under-the-Deck Areas / Airgap Areas

Cable Tray / Cable Pulling Services.

Heat Shields Installation / Heat Radiation Shield Installation

Wind Shield Installation / Stiffener Inspection & Replacement

ACWL – Air Craft Warning Light Installations

Mechanical Repairs / Piping & Fitting / Installations

Composite Wrapping Repairs on Riser PSSC-Intl, Tanks, Vessels, etc.

Welding Repairs, Cutting & Welding Services

Insulation & Cladding Installation and Maintenance Services

Demolitions of Abandoned Mast, Tower, Chimney etc. at Onshore and Offshore

Wind Mills / Wind Tower Services

Conveyor Belts / Conveyor Support Structures Services

Crane Inspection, Repair & Maintenance Services

Overhead Pipeline; Specialist Rope Access Services

Airports; Specialist Rope Access Services

Metro Stations; Specialist Rope Access Services

18. Fertiliser Plants; Specialist Rope Access Services

Steel Plants; Specialist Rope Access Services

Shipyards; Specialist Rope Access Services

Dockyards; Specialist Rope Access Services

Ports; Specialist Rope Access Services

Naval Base; Specialist Rope Access Services

Refineries; Specialist Rope Access Services

Bridges; Specialist Rope Access Services

Jack Up Rigs; Specialist Rope Access Services

Offshore Platform; Specialist Rope Access Services

FPSO; Specialist Rope Access Services

MODU; Specialist Rope Access Services

MOPU; Specialist Rope Access Services

Jetty; Specialist Rope Access Services

Splash Zone; Specialist Rope Access Services

Helideck; Specialist Services

Industries we serve

Petrochemical, Oil & Gas

Innovative solutions towards the Inspection, Repair & Maintenance challenges petrochemical, oil and gas field asset owners to provide

Power & Telecom

Innovative solutions towards the Inspection, Repair & Maintenance challenges at power and telecom field asset owners to provide

Construction & Infrastructure

Innovative solutions towards the repair and maintenance challenges if built environment such as airports, metro stations, stadium, high-rise, bldgs. etc


Innovative solutions towards the maintenance and repairs of difficult to areas such as Superstructure, Forecastle, Jack up legs, etc of the ships and vessels

Facility Management

Innovative solutions towards the maintenance and repairs of difficult to areas such as Windmill Structures

Heavy Industries

Innovative solutions towards the Inspection, Repair & Maintenance Challenges of difficult to areas such as Flare Stacks, Towers, Chimneys, etc...

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